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Some Assorted Wade Pieces

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Arundel Duck

Arundel Duck

Two colours, Yellow and White.
The white ones sold at Random on the day of the
Arundel Swap Meet.

Re-issue of the 1960's Bambi Fawn Money Box. This one is not so delicate as the original.
Fawn Money Box

Minikins Set C


No marks, but easy to identify.
All are 30 - 35 mm high and 90% have bright green, pink or yellow ears.

First whimsie animals were used on Zoo Lights.
Zoo Lights

Whim Trays
First whimsie animals were also used on Whimtrays.

"Mare and Colt Dish"

Hard to find.
Mare and Colt Dish

Rare Polar Set

Polar Bear Blow up set

Very highly sought after. Few made.

"First whimsies"

The original "Pocket Money Toys".
First Whimsies

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