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Some Models Commissioned by Companies or Dealers

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Lady Hilary

National Westminster Bank

"Lady Hilary"

Piggy Money Box

Abbot's Choice Whiskey



Abbot Decanter

Betty Boop

C & S Collectibles

"Betty Boop"

Wade Fair

"Timid Mouse"


Timid Mouse

Arthur & Guinevere

Wade Ceramics

"Camelot Collection"

Arthur & Guinevere




Money Box

Island Wade


Money Box

Brighton Town Council

"Brighton Pavillion"

Brighton Pavillion

Harrod's Doorman

Harrods Stores, Knightsbridge


Money Box

Ciba Geigy

"Slow Fe"


Slow-Fe Tortoise

Pex Fairy

Wade Ireland


Pex Stockings

Tom Smith Crackers

"Farmyard Animals"

Farm yard

Mr. Happy

Robell Research

"Mr. Happy"

U.K.I. Ceramics

"Felix The Cat"

Felix the Cat

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